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One of my favorites

This is a great podcast! I look forward to every new episode.


This was very well done. I highly recommend it. Thank you!!

A lovely program

This is a wonderful podcast. I appreciate hearing about early America and a variety of histories that shaped George Washington’s world from outstanding guests.

Great show!

Great show!

Enjoy This Podcast!

I enjoy hearing about was is happening at the library and Mt. Vernon. I was part of a Gilder Lehman Course with Gordon Wood in 2014 and since then have tried to keep track of all that is happening there. Thanks for the scholarly reflections of this important time period in American History.


I love this podcast. Full of historical information. I look forward to listening to every episode every week.


Wonderful podcast. Interesting topics. Next best thing to visiting Mount Vernon.

Great podcast!

Love the new format and improved audio! Very informative and continue the interviews with Mount Vernon employees, it’s very interesting to hear their views as well as historians!

Update; Great content, poor sound quality

Update: great job on reformatting the podcast and improving the sound quality! I love the content and am so glad I get to learn more about Mt. Vernon, George Washington, and the colonial period! Original: I find the content of this podcast fascinating, and have read many of the books referenced after hearing about them on the podcast, but I implore Dr. Bradburn and his staff to please get better recording equipment!! Using multiple microphones, one per speaker, would greatly improve the listening experience. I've had to delete many episodes simply because I couldn't hear the speakers over the ambient noise wherever I was attempting to listen.

Interesting and educational

This is a great podcast. Mount Vernon is not just another DC area tourist attraction. It is a world class museum, one of the best historic sites in the US, and a scholarly institution. All of this comes through in the podcast. One of the best.

Brings Mount Vernon closer to home

I'll never forget my first visit to Mount Vernon in 2015 and falling in love with it. This podcast makes me feel like I'm visiting rather than sitting 700 miles away. I always learn so much and the content is so interesting. I'm new to learning about the the General and this piques my interest to learn more.


This podcast is great. They really try to take you inside the history profession whether it be in academia or inside museums.

Invest in the audio

I love Mount Vernon and find the content in this podcast fascinating. BUT...... They have got to invest in the audio production. It often sounds like the speakers are sitting across a conference table with a single cheap mic in the middle of them.