Feb. 14, 2022

Intertwined: The Soundtrack Set List

Intertwined is a story about the entangled lives of Mount Vernon’s enslaved community, the Washington Family, and the legacies of slavery at the historic plantation today. The stories we tell in the series are stories of a shared past that continues to shape us all.

Music was an essential part of life in eighteenth-century America. It remains so our in own time. Music helps us to experience collectively life’s great joys and its darkest moments in a way that generations past would still recognize.

The soundtrack for Intertwinedcaptures the spirit of each individual episode and the journey we take together over the course of the series. We’ve assembled a collection of artists whose modern work and vocal performances draw us into the past from the perspective of our present. We invite you to listen here.

All music, except for "Sit Down Servant, Sit Down," was sourced from Artlist.io. "Sit Down Servant, Sit Down" is a production of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association. 

Intertwined is narrated by Brenda Parker and is a production of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and CD Squared. Full transcripts, show notes, and bibliographies for Intertwinedare available at www.georgewashingtonpodcast.com.