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History as we never learned it

Learning about these enslaved people

Fascinating, informative and inspiring

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Thank you for all of the time, knowledge, perspectives and voices that went into these episodes. I have learned a lot about enslavement in America through this podcast. I appreciate your honest history and how you clear up misconceptions that many Americans have about the institution of slavery. Please… keep making more episodes!

Keeping Hercules alive

Powerful and moving. Thank you!

I loved it!

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly research the enslaved Africans who labored for Washington. So often their stories are hidden but this podcast gives us a clear picture of their significance in American History. Great work!


So well done

A Must-Listen

If you’re searching for an in-depth look into the history of the enslaved community at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, look no further. This offers both an academic history of slavery during Washington’s time, while simultaneously weaving an emotional storyline of the lives of the individuals and families enslaved by George and Martha. Will definitely make you think about the Washingtons and Mount Vernon in a new light. Kudos to the team for putting this out into the podcast world.

Great podcast

I thought this was really interesting. It slowed down towards the end, but all in all, it was very well done.


Nice job on the podcast it’s very interesting and entertaining

Fascinating and informative

A valuable insight into the lives of enslaved people at Mt. Vernon and presented in a compelling way. Clearly well researched and written.

Great podcast!

What a beautifully researched and presented podcast. It’s good to hear about the lives of the people who made Mount Vernon what it was. I’m looking forward to hearing the next episodes.