Drew Hannush

Host, Whiskey Lore

Drew Hannush is the best-selling author of Whiskey Lore’s Travel Guide to
Experiencing Kentucky Bourbon, president of Travel Fuels Life LLC, and the host of
both the Whiskey Lore and Travel Fuels Life podcasts. Based in Greenville, SC, he
serves as a whisk(e)y ambassador by providing stories, travel tips, and educational
experiences to fans of various types of whisk(e)y from scotch to bourbon and beyond.
Through his Whiskey Lore Society membership (whiskey-lore.com) he provides fans
access to tasting comparison videos, distillery guides, and exclusive interviews.

Mount Vernon The Washingtons Economy

192. Drinking Washington's Whiskey with Drew Hannush

Jan. 7, 2021

For many people, one of life’s great joys is a lovely dram of whiskey. Whether you’re a fan of Kentucky Bourbon, Single-malt Scotches, Japanese or Tennessee whiskey, every glass tells a story or contains memories that conne…

Guest: Drew Hannush